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Houston Consumer Claim Defense Lawyers


Defense of Products and Services in Texas and Beyond

Consumer Claims • B2B Disputes • Manufactured Home Litigation

The law firm of Wells & Cuellar, P.C., represents businesses, lenders and professionals who are sued over a product or service they provide. From years of experience in this field, our attorneys can analyze the validity of the claim and your potential exposure, and protect your interests through a negotiated resolution or vigorously challenging the claim in court.

Based in Houston, we represent a wide range of business clients throughout Texas and throughout the United States:

  • Product manufacturers, distributors and retailers
  • Service companies (waste disposal, tech support, etc.)
  • Builders and contractors
  • Banks, lenders and energy credit companies
  • Licensed professionals

We have defended a broad spectrum of “consumer claims” — which in Texas can refer to both  individual claimants and to business-to-business disputes — alleging product defects, deceptive trade practices (DTPA), fraud or misrepresentation, professional misconduct, breach of warranty, usury, or other actionable harm.

We have special experience in product defense in the manufactured housing and other factory-built construction industry. Our firm has provided counsel and representation to a statewide trade association of manufactured home fabricators, retailers, and lenders, and has resolved or defeated lawsuits against members alleging liability under various theories (including the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Consumer Protection Act, or “DTPA”).

Certified Consumer and Commercial Law Specialist

All of our lawyers practice in the field of consumer claim litigation, enabling us to quickly assemble a team and strategize your defense. Founding attorney D. Brent Wells is certified in Commercial and Consumer Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and, unlike most consumer law attorneys, he concentrates in defense representation. He is also certified as a Creditors’ Rights Specialist by the American Board of Certification.

Many consumer claims are actually a defense or counterclaim strategy in what is really a payment dispute. The party who has purchased products or services on credit sometimes claims a defect or malfeasance in order to avoid the financial obligation. Mr. Wells’ unique credentials and our firm’s long experience with consumer claims (such as DTPA) enables us to both defend against the claim and pursue any related collection of debts and judgments.

Product and service claims require an experienced trial lawyer who can “walk the walk.” We are effective negotiators when it is in our client’s interests to settle a claim, but we are skilled litigators who will fight an unfounded claim. D. Brent Wells is also an experienced mediator and arbitrator for parties who are open to alternative dispute resolution.

“We own a manufactured housing retail dealership and were disappointed to have a serious dispute with one of our customers. Assuming that a lawsuit would be required, we brought the problem to Brent, but he was able to use his negotiation skills and Consumer Law expertise to accomplish an agreeable settlement resolution that was much more efficient (and much less expensive) than a lawsuit would have been. We commend Brent for his unique and successful problem-solving abilities. He has an incredible talent for communication and discernment for what the bottom-line issues are. In addition, Brent was resolution-oriented, rather than just following a process that could have prolonged the matter. He stayed urgently on top of each situation.”
– Dave and Dina Fautley, Home Max South Carolina

Houston Consumer Claim Defense Attorney

We offer a free initial consultation if a customer, client or another business is suing you in relation to your product or service. Call our Houston office at 877-490-4267 or contact us online.

"Creditors have better memories than debtors." ~ Benjamin Franklin