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Houston Alternative Dispute Resolution Lawyers

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Arbitrator and Mediator Services for Commercial and Civil Disputes

Some controversies call for traditional, formal litigation, while many disputes can be resolved privately through alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including mediation or binding arbitration. Resolving conflicts out of court through an arbitrator or mediator can frequently save time, money and frustration.

At Wells & Cuellar, P.C., our experienced trial lawyers know their way around a courtroom, but we strive to pursue the goals and best interests of our clients. If negotiations are at a stalemate, or the costs and risks of litigation cannot be justified, we can help you explore mediation or arbitration to efficiently resolve your conflict and potentially have an opportunity for more control over the outcome.

Houston Alternative Dispute Resolution Attorneys

Founding attorney D. Brent Wells is a skilled litigator and a longtime supporter of ending business and civil disputes through ADR. He is also an experienced mediator and arbitrator who has helped parties in dispute reach a settlement or final resolution. Mr. Wells has provided arbitration services in Houston and throughout Texas since the early 1990s and mediation services since the late 1980s. Brent is available to travel if needed as an arbitrator or mediator in other cities or states.

  • In binding arbitration, the arbitrator acts as a sort of rented judge who hears arguments from both sides and renders a decision. A key advantage is that the dispute can often be resolved much quicker and cheaper than full-scale litigation. Arbitration may be dictated in the terms of a business contract, or the parties may mutually agree to hire an arbitrator after a dispute arises.
  • In mediation, the mediator serves as a neutral third-party to facilitate a fruitful settlement discussion. Mediation is not binding (unless the parties agree to conclude a settlement), but the process is geared toward a settlement of claims or solution to disputes to avoid litigation.

Mediation and Arbitration Throughout Texas

Mr. Wells has helped clients in Houston, Beaumont, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and statewide resolve legal disputes amicably, efficiently and cost-effectively. In fact, ADR can be very useful when it is important to preserve an underlying business relationship.

We accept ADR referrals from the courts, from trial attorneys and directly from the disputing parties. The links below show Brent’s mediator fee schedules for full-day or half-day mediation sessions. We are glad to explain our role, our experience and our fee structure, and help you decide if arbitration or mediation is the right forum for your dispute.

We offer a free initial consultation. Call our Houston office at 877-490-4267 or contact us online.

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