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Houston Energy Credit Lawyers


Counsel and Representation for Energy Exploration, Production, and Trading

As long as the energy is flowing, so flows the money. Everyone’s happy until something goes awry and those energy credits are called in. The right legal counsel can make the difference between partial recovery and being left high and dry.

The Houston law firm of Wells & Cuellar, P.C., provides credit grantors in the energy producing and trading industry with legal advice on the front-end of credit transactions and legal action on the back-end when problems arise. We represent and consult with companies in Texas and nationwide that buy or sell energy products or services on credit terms.

Houston Energy Credit Attorneys

Founding attorney D. Brent Wells is a certified Creditors’ Rights Specialist who has extensive experience in the energy credit field. He understands the interdependent relationships among the various players in the industry and the high-risk realities of being in the game. Wells & Cuellar has the experience in contracts, collections and commercial litigation to provide cost-effective counsel and representation:

  • We advise energy producers and traders on credit-facilitating documents, auxiliary documents and subsidiary agreements to help those clients minimize the risks and protect their positions in the event of a default or a bankruptcy.
  • Our debt collection team has recovered money on behalf of oil and gas companies, electrical power traders and other creditors left holding the bag when counterparties such as producers and distributors failed to make good on energy credits. We excel at evaluating co-debtor and successor liability theories to ascertain who may ultimately be responsible for the debt.
  • In many cases, a bankruptcy is looming or already filed. We have substantial experience in creditors’ rights in bankruptcy and can jump in swiftly to assert claims and protect creditor positions, including defense of preference actions under Section 547 of the Bankruptcy Code.

Protecting Your Interests in a High-Risk Field

There are no fool-proof deals in energy trading, but forward contract strategies and other devices to minimize credit risk reviewed by a knowledgeable lawyer can reduce your exposure and maximize your recovery, if and when things go south for your counterparty. Mr. Wells is aided by a strong support team of associates and paralegals who embody our reputation for knowledgeable, accessible and responsive service to clients.

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"Creditors have better memories than debtors." ~ Benjamin Franklin